Bimodal Sleeping: Day 6 of 14


I hate everything. Okay, not really. Despite being insanely productive in waking periods (painting crap that needs to be painted, stringing pearls on twine to wrap around a candle for no real reason, yoga, yoga, and more yoga, practicing handstands, a little bit of terrible treadmill running and crappy real-life running, cooking bulks of quinoa which has since gone bad because apparently you can only refrigerate cooked quinoa for like 3 days, hot gluing rocks onto felt to make place mats that turned out to be too heavy so they became trivets, replanting some succulents, making one-person desserts, and some light reading about God that semi-infuriates me) and mostly sticking to the no screens rule, this schedule feels like it’s starting to take a toll. In fact, it feels a lot like jet lag that I can’t seem to shake.

I have no trouble falling asleep early and it’s not any harder to wake up either time than it is with a normal, continuous eight-hour schedule, but I feel generally more run down. The past few days, coffee has had no added benefit, although I don’t know why I was expecting it to. I’ve also started getting a headache right above the inner part of my right eye brow. It’s random and irritating.

I have a few things in mind to try in order to make this process easier:

  • Things to try: I might lay off the nighttime workouts, but that does restrict my potential running opportunities quite a bit.
  • I also am trying to work a 10-minute nap into the middle of my day.
  • A friend of mine who had the misfortune of a graveyard workshift recommended that I try pounding a glass of water whenever I need a boost of alertness.

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