Quest for six complete

After taking a break from running for my shinnies and then slowly introducing it back into my life, I have finally achieved my quest for six miles!


Surprisingly, it felt pretty good. I kept the pace slow and just enjoyed it. I ended up staying out after dark without my headlamp and in a not-so-great area, which was a little anxiety-inducing, but I was so glad and proud of myself for overcoming my six-mile mental block. I might have even been able to keep going!

These six miles came after two or three failed attempts on the treadmill and the pavement. I just couldn’t do it.

To enjoy a run, I feel like you need buy in from three parts: your legs, your lungs, and your heart/brain/guts/whatever. If any one of those things is off, the run won’t be as great as it could be. Perhaps the last is the running equivalent of getting your head in the game.

Of course, my next attempt at six miles was about a week after the first successful one. This time, I did a morning run. I ate a small carby breakfast, got my effects in order for the rest of the workday, and then drove to a nice 2-mile loop that is on the way to work. I had originally planned to do four loops, or eight miles, but four miles in, I was really hating it. I felt sluggish and lethargic. It was not a pleasant run, but I wanted to end on a good note, so I pushed through just one last loop. Weirdly, those were my best miles, for both pace and overall feeling. Maybe I need to do 4-mile warm-ups from now on! No. Also, when I got back into the car to go to work, this was what I saw…

photo 3

 Hey, someone in the Bay Area had to achieve the “quest for six” if the 49ers couldn’t…BOOM.

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