Alliteration: Alleviate Ankle Ailments

Her feet are nicer than mine...
Her feet are nicer than mine…

Hey, remember that time I totally wrote this post all about how I got rid of my knee pain during running and came off like a total expert and know-it-all?

Well I did something silly. I signed up for a half marathon. In October. That’s like two minutes from now–and the most I’ve ever run in my entire life in one go was 10 km. Now like any good American, I am practically allergic to the metric system, but somehow during a booze-soaked college physics career (not really) I was able to absorb the equivalency of 1610 meters = 1 mile. Now, by doing some simple math, we can find out what fraction of a half marathon I’ve run:

[  1 mile             | 1000 meters | 10 km   ]

[  1610 meters |        1 km         |   1          ]                  / 13.1 miles

= 6.2 miles / 13.1 miles

= .47

= 47%

Sorry, I bet you thought there’d be no math on this blog.

As you see, I need to step up the training a bit. So I’ve been running not only more often than usual, but also longer duration and distances. As in the beginning, new and increased stresses on the body produce–you guessed it–joint pain. This time, however, it’s my dainty lady ankles.

That was my really long-winded way of saying that I found some cool ankle-strengthening exercises to add to my routine. The great thing about these is that minimal equipment is required–no bosu ball, just resistance bands!



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